Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sorry for the delay but catching up again now .....

Since the last post we have found our stride.
Monday night sees a regular run of 10 to 15 miles as part of the GRFCCCC Tri-Athlon
Cycling, Swimming, Sauna-ing

Thanks to the Strava App we have "smashed" the port dash with Rusty sitting in 1st, Lance in 3rd and Bubbles 4th in the league tables. Crank made a brief appearance as QoM in the ladies table but got burst by a granny out delivering messages on a butchers bike.

Several weekend rides, including a 50+ mile effort from Kemnay to Banchory to Aboyne and back
Some big bloody hills that day and it was chucking it down too!
Just as well we stopped at the Falls of Fuech for a bacon roll and a dram - well it was world whisky day so it was compulsory. Bubbles had a juice - poor bairn

Last weekend was our longest cycle yet and saw a 63 mile run from Huntly Castle
Starting from the riverside car park at Huntly Castle, eventually!

Lance did some "work" as he was on call.
Spokes tried changing Cranks pedals for some much more dangerous ones but in the end Lance had to use the power of HGH to break out the old ones.

Off we set. Uphill.
After a wee tour of the wrong streets in Huntly we crossed the A96 and started to climb.
Up and up and up went the Tarmac in front. Round the corner it went up some more.
Cresting the hills it couldn't go any higher but round the corner, another bloomin hill!
Up and up and up we went. Yetis were passed and the air was getting thin when we breached the shire and entered Moray.

Wey hey, down hill!
Very down hill!
Very very down hill!
Fleein we wiz. The bikes broke into a speed wobble at about 145 mph and Spokes recovered a potentially deadly tank slapper as Lance slipped by shattering the silence with a sonic boom.

Oh shoot!
A series of 90 degree bends!
Highsiders and tankslappers ahoy!!

Safely down though.
The "big hill" was conquered!
Through to Dufftown and on to Keith.
Funnily enough all up hill and arrived in Keith at rush hour. 100 pipers in busses, motorcyclists in little leather caps and the worst display of parking ever!!!

Bacon rolls, teas and coffees at the Boogie Woogie tea room. The bairn had a juice!
On to Cullen, via the Keith train station and a rather dodgy neighbourhood where even the bins wore chains!

Eventually found the road to nowhere and kicked on, uphill, to Cullen. 10 miles out and second, or third, wind kicked in for all. 37 miles later and we still had 6 of the 10 miles to go!!!!

Another 43 miles and the sign said just another 4 to go. Some cheeky monkey kept moving Cullen!!!!

On the outskirts of Cullen, hang a left to Portsoy.

Smoked a proper cyclist who then kicked down a few gears and chased us down. Using the slight frame of Lance as a windbreak, he stuck to the back wheel and got dragged through.
(Good luck on the John o' Groats to Lands End fella - whoever you were)

Hunted down the ice cream shop in Portsoy where Spokes stood the 99s and the Bairn spent all his pocket money on juice and scratch cards!

Spokes and Crank read the "no ice cream" sign, ignored it and burst into the book shop.

"We'll well well Tubs. What have we here? You're not local and we'll have none of that ice cream in here"

Time to set off again but Bubbles needed to stop as he was really, really, really needin. A bursting fur a p@sh!

Finally back on the road, yet another uphill road, and the rain came on.

Spokes, Crank and Bubbles had mechanical problems. Must have done cause Lance was away!!

17 miles to Huntly
Longest 17 up feckin hill feckin miles of ma puff.

Just when it looked like the road might flatten a feckin mini Struie was hiding behind a bridge. Made Huntly, found the castle and thank the good lord - we had made it!!

63 painfull miles.
3/4 of a single day on Ride the North. What the heck have we volunteered to do????

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bubbles, where are you?

First Saturday ride for a while and the sun was out making it ideal weather for a ride.

Spokes, Rusty and Bubbles headed out from Kemnay to meet Crank and I at Clovenstone.
Bubbles got lost and took an alternative route but got there in the end.

The fearsome five headed away from Clovenstone, down the hill to Kintore but the all new Negus3000 spat its chain. Quick repairs and a regroup, finding Rusty some way down the road, and we were off again. Through Kintore and out to Fintray without incident.

Up the hill on the other side of Fintray and Lance is blown out his hoop but cruises on like mummy's special little soldier. Meanwhile the team have given up on him and are now halfway to Newmachar!

Bubbles must have got lost again as he waited for Lance to "catch up" then followed along for a while. Obviously having no sense of direction was not an issue for Bubbles who cycled along face booking, texting and having a cyber giggle with his other friends whilst Lance endeavoured to remember how to breathe.

The team regrouped again at the baker in Newmacher where the science of sports nutrition was prevalent. Lance, Crank and Spokes squeezed in an energy gel, Bubbles had a banana and Rusty went shopping for a steak pie and a pint of milk.

From Newmachar to Whiterashes and then cut back down to Inverurie through Keithall.
After cresting above the tree line and into the snowcap on Rusty's "flat" route, there was a downhill section that was almost the length of a full turn of the wheel before it was uphill again!

On the way, Bubbles got lost again and didn't seem to recover from this one as he was never seen again. Maybe he got a better offer on text?!

From Inverurie the failing four headed back to Clovenstone for a well earned cup of tea and a snack of toast n cheese n sausage rolls. Crank took to the car and Lance took delight in being back at base whilst Rusty and Spokes headed back to Kemnay over Lumpy Brae. Kudos to both for their 3 segment awards each!!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Next try at a full ride is tomorrow.
Limited numbers due to other commitments but fingers crossed for an event free cycle.

Crank has swapped from Negus kidnap to Barracuda bashing
Spokes will be on the all new Negus3000

Rusty nav will guide the way whilst Bubbles will power on showing off at being young enough to be my son!

I will be on the Mekk but have not decided which saddle to go for. The standard hard as hell Mekk Saddle or the Specialised twin blade with lubristrip, sponsored by Gillette. May steal the Barracuda DFS sofa saddle!

Unfortunately Spanners has family commitments meaning he and young Fergie will not be along and, as far as I am aware, Bingo is still on his hollibobs whilst Wiggo is off arresting people or cycling too slowly and not volunteering to play rugby for the fuzz.

Some more sponsorship secured this week so we are getting there
Corporate sponsors allows us to get fancy new gear from Owayo so at least we will look "good" at the side of the road waiting for rescue!
See you on the road folks.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Been a short break in the posting folks, I forgot what to do!!

Sundays ride saw five of us heading out with young Fergie McKenzie showing us all how young legs do it. All went reasonably smoothly and we were settling into a good ride - it may even be the first Garioch RFC CCC ride without any incidents


Headed up the hill to Chapel of Garioch the Negus returned with vengeance and spat off the left crank and pedal. A team "stop and search" found the securing nut but not the lock washer and despite Spokes knocking on every door and window in Chapel and turning a lady's beautifully organised garden shed upside down and into what looked like an auto-jumble no spanner could be found

The accosting of the tool kits carried by a passing cycling club yielded no fruit either
Cue the one leg cycling technique Spokes has perfected and has now passed on to Crank
Back to Kemnay with another epic fail recorded - one day we will ride off into the sunset without the bikes falling apart

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Spokes Feels the need to Blog

To add to the wonderful summary from Lance.....
We started the ride today at a cracking pace.....forced to stop after a 9 metre sprint to the cry of “my seat, my seat, my seat !!!!!!”
Lance was on his new steed for the first time and wanted to use his new adjusted...we set off again at a cracking pace....
Rusty Merckx was off like lightning, Spokes, Crank and Lance in his wake....but he has no idea what the route is to be, cue the next stop, 5 minutes after the first.....
Lance knows the way and cruises to a stop and promptly demonstrates the only way to dismount a new steed, with grace and elegance.......
Once Merckx, Crank and Spokes had finished their extended gut wrenching laughter and picked themselves up off the floor......we were on our way again.....
Cue hill after hill after hill after hill.........after hill......and the odd blizzard for good measure...
Towards the end Spokes offered Lance a performance enhancing blood transfusion....which was declined due to the excessively high alcohol content.....Merckx and Crank step in to save the day.....and the transfusion is successfully administered ‘Top Gun” style....
Back to base and another run completed....looking forward to the next outing !!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

The postman always rings twice

Well folks, post 2
We have a ride planned for tomorrow morning
Lance, Crank, Spokes and Rusty are in and hoping to see everyone else along too
Whit punts will Crank be flaunting this week?
Will the Negus keep its pedals on?
Will the Mekk do some miles at last?
Stay tuned for an update .........

Well, it was cold and wet!
Tootsies just about got feeling back now.
Spokes, Rusty and Crank were treated to Lance discovering the tension in the new SPD pedal springs was higher than he was used to. Cue super slow-mo tip over.
Crank has found some new shorts to cover her modesty and leave the punts pundits guessing.
Rusty hit 42 mph and the way he was powering round that may even have been uphill.
Spokes hates hills (up). Lance loves hills (down).
Crank cranks relentlessly.
Still fun although it was hard going at times.
Cycle, swim and sauna tomorrow!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Strainer Post

Well folks we have started training for Ride the North with a view to make it to the end before everyone packs up and goes home!

So far there are 8 of us
Roy "Rusty" Milne
Alan "Spokes" Elphinstone
Bobbie "Crank" Jack
Gordon "Gordo" Whyte
Davie "Wiggo" Smith
Pete "Crazy Legs" Young
Bruce "Spanners" McKenzie
and me, dubbed Craig "Lance" Mitchell

Something to do with need for a blood transfusion after each ride rather than HGH induced ability.

We are getting the miles in, in and around the Inverurie area, and all are welcome to join us for some fun, fitness and fundraising with the emphasis on enjoying it!

Monday nights we take in a loop that ends up at Inverurie pool for a warm down swim and a relaxing sauna. Each to their own through the week at the moment then a weekend run for more miles, generally on a Sunday as we still have to chase an egg round a field on Saturdays!

Rusty has a just giving page set up and there's a team page on virgin giving
Sponsor us please. It's for a great cause.
Keep an eye on the blog for our, slow, progress and future posts

If you want to join us give me a shout at
Come on, you know it makes sense .......